One comment on “I am so glad he lost and she won

  1. I am also glad that both Walsh and Romney lost. Their views are extremely harmful and outdated,
    and they apparently have no clue about how people on the economic edge have to live. Willard Romney managed to alienate large blocs of voters by claiming they want “free stuff.” He also flip-flopped all over the place just to get votes, showing that he had not compelling core of beliefs.
    As for Senator Duckworth, she is one of my heroines. She is an immensely strong woman with intelligence and compassion, who has persevered and risen above her personal adversities. The inhumanity of even questioning the need for comprehensive health care is mind-boggling in all of its callousness and stupidity. She WILL need such comprehensive care for the balance of her natural life, and she is one of so many in that position. In any case, she is a welcome presence in Congress.a

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