3 comments on “The curious case of the disappearing Governor, LIPA and NYRA

  1. Tom once again your are point on from your article if any one thinks that THE GOVERNOR is going to do a better job of running NYRA than the pevious team of Charlie Hayward is in LA LA land. As you say in the article his new board is local people who were on before and not horse people from other parts of the country also only one women.
    Lipa the former Lipo which was run by political hacks that the hacks are running Lipo makes you wonder what kind of NYRA will emerge as run by the GOVERNOR’S group. PSE&G of New Jersy a private utility will be taking over Lipa which was decided last year.
    Is it not time for John Sabini former head of the NY State racing and wagering board to just disappear from the racing scene due to his complete incopentence?
    Finally Ellen McClain the COO of NYRA who is running the show now and doing a very fine job against all odds(she was suppose to be fired according to Fred U Dicker of the NYPost the day after the Saratoga meet ended) as of this writing McClain is still the COO of NYRA. Mc Clain was one of the 100 most influential Blacks in American society today according to Ebony Magazine. So my question is does the Governor who is a front runner for the 2016 Democratic Presidential NOMINEE fire A BLACK WOMEN Ellen McClain? Does he have the stomach for it……….Long live THOROUGHBRED RACING………….JOSEPH R MONACO

  2. And so it goes…politicos battle, factions disagree. Is there any voice here for the horse itself? The sentient being upon which this “industry” exists? In my humble opinion, until we resolve the abuses going on day-after-day on the backstretch horse racing will continue to implode. The disregard for the welfare of horses and the jockeys guiding them will bring this industry to its knees. Drug abuse is out of control…

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