2 comments on “What is real reason for latest fix for NY racing?

  1. The Governor realizes that the negative press about horseracing is not about to go away just because he took over. He doesn’t need horseracing’s perceived problems on his bio. He has to distance himself as fast as possible. I am not sure how he will get anyone to take over such an unstable franchise. Can any enterprise rely on doing business with the Governor at this point? Maybe Genting can, but I doubt a publicly traded company would be able to justfy it. Either there is an inside deal done already or this is a red herring.

  2. Andrew Cuomo is looking for additional campaign contributions to fund his run for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016. What better way to add money to his coffers than by helping to award a major for-profit organization with the prize of running New York racing? Cuomo knows where the money is. Was his headline-making stand on gay marriage founded on steadfast moral principles? Or was it prompted more by the knowledge that this position would bring him considerable future political funding from the gay community, not just in New York but around the country?

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