5 comments on “Latest ‘fix” for New York racing

  1. The 2nd best race meets in the country after Saratoga are Keeneland Spring & Fall. Keeneland is a not-for-profit entity, and NY racing should continue to be run by a not-for-profit entity. The real culprit here is the NYSRWB, which cost handicappers approx $8 million when it failed to its job.

  2. Tom always enjoy your articles on racing, a lot of insight and knowledge.
    The Governor should get new advisers on his racing team, they do have a clue on what goes on in a very complex industry.
    I find it hard to believe that he aspires to b the Democratic 2016 presidential nominee.
    Your political pieces can be a little more fair and balanced. I am not of your political persuasion and I cannot think that Mitt Romney who you profile often in your articles is so off base with his facts as you suggest. The president on many occasions has facts that don’t jive. Joe Monaco

    • Hillary will be the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, that explains why Cuomo didn’t speak at this year’s convention – he is on board with Hillary, who will give Cuomo a high-ranking position in her cabinet.

      Cuomo already has a very knowledgable and experienced horse racing advisor: Bennett Liebman.

      • Kurt, Bennett Liebman as you know is the Albany Law School Professor who is a Racing expert who is the go to guy on racing rules and racing legislation. He was also charged with oversight of NYRA for the state of NY.
        For some reason he did not catch the 1% over charge on the exotic bets, just like the State Racing and Wagering Board…..Joe

  3. Face facts. The Democrats want the slot money. Next Saratoga meet will be the last with big purses. The money will be used for education and the poor. Are you against the kids and the poor?

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