One comment on “Report sheds light on Aqueduct fatalities

  1. A gaping whole in the findings was that it idid not answer the question of why these horses died during this timeframe. The practices employed from November to March did not change prior or subsequent to the timeframe under consideration, with the exception of purse structures. No conclusions were offered on an individual basis for the 21 (11) as to the effect of purse structures in determining when and where these horses ran.
    An overall examination of the industry is useful and welcome. The critisms are warrented and correction actions must be taken. However, this review did not address the assigned issue:why did Aqueduct exceed the national average and its own experience base in the 21 deaths during this timeframe? If it was the dry track because of weather conditions then recommend watering. Practices employed then are the same practices employed now industry wide yet the rate of fatalities do not meet the rate experienced Nov. to March 2012.

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