6 comments on “Can Saratoga tolerate any more NYRA “improvements?”

  1. Does Kay really not understand the importance of nurturing and slowly building the fan base? Apparently. Every change is in the direction of making Saratoga more like his former employer, Universal Studios. Please, before the illness becomes terminal, can we bring in Bill Nader, or someone who at least likes racing? Even Kenny Noe would look good at this point.

  2. Continual bad choices by NYRA threaten to ruin sport for many years to come. This happens when you put someone in charge who is both an Egomaniac and has no knowledge or history of the sport. Chris Kay certainly believes it is the Sport of Kings and only Kings should participate. What has he done to help the Sport. We all know that NYRA has squandered taxpayer money on these nitwit executives who don’t know one end of the horse from another. Mr Kay believes he is bigger than American Pharoah to the Sport. Let me clue you in you are not respected by the people who truly put on the Show,trainers,jockeys,grooms.and backstretch people who care for these magnificent animals. Mr Kay do us all a favor and resign before you damage the Sport beyond repair.

  3. Why doesn’t the NYRA board stand up against the ignorance of Kay? The actual owners on the board still outnumber the state jokes. They need to replace Kay, his team and they need to take someone who understands NY racing has relationships and gets its history. Nader is one that would work well, throw Jeff Cannizzo from the breeders on the staff also as he’s the next gen for sport.

  4. As a lifelong horseman, horse owner and racing afficionado, bred, born, and raised in the shadow of our Queen, Saratoga Race Course. I am far beyond alarmed that this self important neophyte is in charge of a national treasure. Not only is he not a horseman, and completely unaware of the difference between a pastern and a hock…….he apparently knows nothing of the importance of Saratoga Race Course to the industry and the sport; he cannot appreciate the deep and tangible history, nor sense the spirits of legends, both equine and human, as they whisper among those old trees like the ones he will destroy for the “museum”. Kay is dangerous and destructive to this venerable piece of living history. He should be disposed of before he can do any more damage.

  5. This is the ultimate in “careful what you wish for”.   He is systematically dismantling the owner and fan base one idea at a time!  Great piece! 

  6. As eager as Kay, et al. are to impose and raise charges that fan swill know they are paying, it’s only a matter of time before they conclude the takeout on wagers should be doubled, since no one will notice.l That will be the final nail in the foffin.

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