5 comments on “Has NYRA turned a corner in public perception?

  1. maybe they don’t hold board meetings at the race tracks because you’re afraid no one will attend based on actual race attendance lol!

  2. as it possible many reserved ticket holders also purchased a season pass, are they all being counted twice and what abou t those who pay cash admission but have a reserved ticket. Do they count twice also? See how confusing this gets when he mess with the numbers?

  3. The fact that the NYRA is sugar-coating the attendance figures just leads me to believe what I have felt from the beginning of this whole episode. The business is being dressed up for a sale. What other reason would the NYRA ignore some hard core facts about Saratoga’s decline. Maybe, the community needs to step in and start thinking about what is really going on up there.

  4. Tom I was at Saratoga today Monday Aug 11 and I have a Belmont Saratoga season pass, is the Belmont Saratoga pass counted in the 6,000 passes that are included in attendance?
    I estimate the crowd to b around 14,000 to 16,000 at the most and not the 20,000 reported attendance.
    The parking lots from the Horseshoe north on Nelson to the entrance off Nelson were at the best half full and the lot on Nelson near the entrance that usually charges $25 were $10 and maybe 5-10 cars in the lot. This was around 12:20-12:30 . I have been attending Saratoga regularly since 1978. Joe

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