6 comments on “Why did NYRA start cooking the books on attendance?

  1. Congratulations, Mr. Noonan…it’s refreshing to see that someone else notices the con job being presented to the public by this organization; so much for “being transparent.”

  2. major sports unions, what matters is TV contract billion dollars. what matters in tbred racing is handle

  3. If Saratoga had less the 8k fans on a Wednesday of the 3rd week, then something is wrong. It would be better for the NYRA and the greater Saratoga community to face up to this.

  4. Congratulations, Mr. Noonan…good to know that there are others seeing the same things at we’ve seen since the meet started; so much for “integrity and transparency” for NYRA…they’re making things upas they go along. I gues that this is the only “spinning” going on up there this summer.

  5. I wonder what impact “at home” betting is having on Race Track attendance, I love going to the track but that’s a rare occurrence now but I bet the Saratoga Races everyday in my own private simulcast. I miss being up close with the horses and people but do not miss the cost of actually being at the track.

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