2 comments on “Forget the economy, let’s talk rape

  1. More outrage about what a Republican says as opposed to what Democrats do. Ted Kennedy left a women to die. He and Dodd were famous for the “Waitress Sandwich.” His brother John used his position to have sex with Mimi Alford. You should read her book. He forced her to have sex with another intern while he watched. Great guy JFK. How about the great Bill Clinton. Anita Broderick accused him of rape. Were you outraged by that? I don’t think so. You leftists see no evil, hear no evil from the stars of your party.

    • I really can’t speak to what “you leftists” think. I thought the behavior of Ted Kennedy was reprehensible. I saw a TV interview with Anita Broderick and thought her allegations of rape were credible, and was surprised not to hear more about that. Even if not true, many of Clinton’s actions with women, even if consensual, were offensive to me. But I do not see the connection between deplorable – if not, criminal – behavior by individuals and polcies being put forth by a political party. Republicans are purportedly a party that opposes government intrusion and personal liberty. Do the actions 50 years ago of a President justify an exception to the personal liberty positions when those liberties are ones held by all women?

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