6 comments on “This is integrity for New York racing?

  1. Great article Tom. You made a lot of valid points, the state can not be trusted with the racing product @ Aqueduct, Belmont,& Saratoga with the media pouring it on NYRA & no solutions. Keep blogging.

  2. This is the only critical look at this debacle that I have read. My greatest disappointment is how the whole game abandoned Charles Hayward. NIce work, Tom.

  3. I can’t wait…from this point forward, Andrew Cuomo is 100% responsible for racing under the NYRA banner. I’m not sure he even cares.

    Tom, you’re work is much appreciated.

  4. Great article. Why aren’t others asking and writing as you are?

    Can NY racing survive after the Cuomo and the 2 legislative leaders of the state all pluck the low hanging fruit?

  5. A great piece ! The lack of analysis in the papers of the Cuomo charges, and the near-instant acceptance of false history, is astoundingly Orwellian. History is completely altered by the complicity of those who simply pretend, for whatever reason, that things were otherwise. Your work is highly important — too bad its been (up until very recently at least) one of the very few voices of sanity !

  6. I’m still waiting for Cuomo and Sabini to figure out and prosecute Paterson, Silver, Sampson, and Smith for their direct involvement in the Aqueduct Entertainment Group bid-rigging scam that almost succeeded, and which ended up costing New York State and it’s citizens millions of dollars. I guess Cuomo and Sabini only believe you’re only worth prosecuting or removing, if you’re not a politician like them. Just another example of absolute politicians corrupting absolutely.

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