6 comments on “Something fishy about NYRA controversy?

  1. Sir, very coherently stated. My belief is that if Gov Cuomo can somehow kill off the NYRA franchise, or control it, he will be able to control the real estate that NYRA operates from. Specifically, he will be able to give the Aqueduct land to the current operator of the VLTs, Genting, along with a license for casino gambling.

    You’ll recall, that in spite of the fact that Cuomo never once mentioned casino gambling when running for office, he announced in January that we must now finally address casino gambling. Recall how Genting threw money around so freely just to get the VLTs. I’ll bet they’d be eternally grateful to a governor who could get them land and license for casino gambling at Aqueduct. All the time keeping it out of NYC, a great concern of NYS Assembly leader Silver – who has sided with the governor in his desire to reform NYRA.

    I’ll bet with a powerful wealthy ally like Genting, an ambitious governor like Cuomo could make a presidential bid in 2016.

    While everything in NY is happening at break neck speeds, not too many have spent the time to come to this fairly obvious conclusion. By the time they do, the damage may already be done.

  2. Great post. I thought why would people email Steve Crist & not the NYSRWB? I’m sure emails exist but will the NY Inspector general investigate the state regulators that should have caught this? Its obvious the state has an agenda here but NYRA needs to fight back hard to keep the franchise.

  3. Great article you hit all the points that Albany has no idea what it takes to run racing in New York. The older Governor Cumo had no respect for racing and the son did not fall far from the tree. Belmont Stakes should have 70 thousand plus in 3 weekks and Albany give no respect to the best racing in America because they are only interested in the money to piss it away.

  4. They’re outraged that they were overcharged by 1% for a year. It’s hard to take them serious on that stance, since OTB has been charging a 6% surcharge for over 40 years, but now they’re outraged. Like you say, it’s obvious they nave ulterior motives.

  5. Very interesting political take. The end game here is not to cover up governmental ineptitude or settle a personal vendetta. As is usually the case in these situations, this is all about money. NYRA is guaranteed a percentage of lucrative VLT revenues for purses, capital improvements and operating expenses – money Cuomo would love to confiscate to help shore up the state’s finances ahead of a possible presidential run in 2016. If parts of this sound illogical and contrived, it’s simply because Cuomo is throwing every handful of mud he can find at NYRA in hopes of convincing the legislature to revoke their VLT revenue.

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