4 comments on “The Saratoga meet should not be in Saratoga

  1. Excellent piece, Tom. I agree, 100%. Add to that the swarms of IDIOTS–fans–who will descend on the city, ANYWAY, to line the fences on Nelson and Union–and the recipe for disaster grows exponentially. A large chunk of the idiot-fans will come from downstate hotspots, bringing the virus with them. 😦 Sure, Saratoga businesses will lose cash, and that’s terrible. But losing LIVES is a far-worse possibility. I had COVID-19, for 40 terrifying days–I do not wish that on any of my Saratoga friends.

  2. exactly what I profess to our city Council several months ago! Saratoga springs is taking all the risk with none of the benefit. Is it true that the city gets a part of the gate? If so, that is another compelling reason aside from the most important reason of public health, do not allow the horses to run this year in Saratoga. I also suggested that the city suspend short term rentals during the pandemic.

  3. This is a valid debate. But their is a State Racing Law, S248 that mandates at least 36 days of racing at Saratoga. Only the Governor can reduce the number of days, and best I can tell, he hasn’t expressed an interest to do so.
    As you indicated, NYRA believes the hand;e will be substantially higher if the meet is actually at Saratoga V downstate. I tend to agree, but only time will tell.
    NYRA is also working on a plan to allow fans at the track, especially owners, per the States approval.

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