2 comments on “Racing is at a tipping point

  1. Have replied to your once or twice before. Enjoy all you write and nearly always agree 100%, and certainly this time. Started working on a story about Kauai King, Derby/Preakness winner in 1966, 4th in Belmont due to an injury. During serious research, learned more than I wanted to know abut this sport. Finally, one day, just put it aside and have not returned to it. Have scant trust anymore in those involved. Have several nice photos and one original oil of Kauai in my home. Attended in Maryland, three years ago,, the 50th anniversary of his Derby/Preakness win,,where he was finally inducted into the Maryland Thoroughbred Hall of Fame (Trainer, Henry Forrest some time ago). A son of Kauai’s owner, Mike Ford of Nebraska was there also. Entire affair phony and disappointing.
    Kauai died in Japan on my birthday, Jan. 24, 1989.
    Thanks for all you do to help these horses. Shelby Staples – Virginia

  2. I’m afraid that those who profit from the trade do not care enough to save it. Just shrugging when it seems the gravy train has left the station. I feel bad for those who love and care for the horses as well as the horses themselves. I believe that they will just cease to be now that the bloodstock around the world has become so homogenized. Other racing jurisdictions will be able to thrive, but the U.S. just does not care enough.

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