3 comments on “New York weakens rule that protected horses

  1. The entire purse-to-claim ration idea is entirely fallacious and there is no proof whatsoever that higher purses jeopardized the health or safety of a single horse. All it has done is depress field size by losing lower-level claiming horses to neighboring states, lowering handle and thus hurting New York tracks and horsemen while creating a weaker product for customers..

  2. Horseracing is nothing but extreme animal cruelty for gambling purposes. Not only are horses ridden too young, they are doped and whipraced into running far beyond their ability resulting in severe injuries and deaths. Many of those who survive are sent to slaughter as the racing industry supports no legislation to prevent it.

    • I will only respond to two of your points that are based on misconceptions. It is actually good for horses to either race or train at two because it encourages healthy bone growth. The racing industry is actually active on aftercare programs and legislation to prevent horses being sent to slaughter. You can check out the efforts of the New York Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Associations for some of their efforts in placing retired horses Thank you for taking the time to comment.

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