4 comments on “Start to general election campaign a major embarrassment for media

  1. Perfect summary: it took the breath out of me, I was so exasperated. A new media low. Sincerely, Sean Kerr

    From: Tom Noonan
    Reply-To: Tom Noonan
    Date: Thursday, September 8, 2016 at 1:26 PM
    Subject: [New post] Start to general election campaign a major embarrassment for media

    noonante posted: “NBC held a “Commander-in-Chief Forum” Wednesday night in which Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump appeared separately in half-hour segments. Moderator Matt Lauer, whose credentials appear to be based on conducting endless fluff interviews on NBC’s morning “

  2. What about the Clinton piece? Did he ask her if she thought she should be in jail? How about the out of the blue comments about blaming Colin Powell on what to do about the emails? Hillary voted for the War in Iraq and has been backsliding ever since.

    • I realize that in some circles there is an admiration for Putin’s Russia, but in this country people do not go to jail unless they have been accused of a crime.

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