3 comments on “Where is our country going?

  1. As a white man, I can say that I have never been concerned for my safety when stopped for a traffic violation. One would have to be exceptionally obtuse to realize why that is not the same experience for someone who is black.

    I’m happy for you. My last encounter with a police officer was troubling… I was pulled over during “rush hour” on a main route thru town. Cop asked me to pull into the Burger King lot 30 yds ahead. I did so, parking “front in” to a parking block facing another car. He pulled in directly behind my car (nowhere to go). Knowing his first request would be “License, registration, and proof of insurance”, I had unbuckled my seatbeat so I could remove my wallet from my front pocket, which I placed in my lap, and put both of my hands on the steering wheel again.

    Note, by this time, he had already called in my license plate and learned my car was registered to a fat-ass 53 yr old white dude that had no warrants out for arrest. When he got to my window, he saw a fat-ass 53 yr old white dude. The cop approached my window- and _immediately_ stepped back two steps while reaching for his pistol while shouting “Why did you unbckle your seat belt!?

    “Uhhh…To reach my wallet”.

    He then asked for my license etc. I picked up my wallet from my lap and handed him my drivers license- which has a picture of a 53 yr old fat-ass white dude whose name matches the car’s registration.

    When I reached over to the glove compartment for my registration and insurance documents, he. pulled. his. pistol. and. pointed. it. at. me., a 53 yr old fat-ass white dude. At this point, I still had no idea why I was pulled over in the first place.

    I soon found out why- as I was fumbling through the 3 different insurance cards and two different yrs of registraion documents trying to find the current ones, and while. he. had. his. gun. pointed. at. my. head., he asked me “Why are you so nervous?” Really???

    Turns out my registration had expired two weeks earlier- I usually did it by mail and either didn’t get the renewal notice, or accidentally threw it out with the junk mail.

    So, I had a cop point his gun at my head over a $100 ticket.

    I recommend this book to anyone who thinks this is a racial issue. https://www.amazon.com/Rise-Warrior-Cop-Militarization-Americas/dp/1610394577

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