5 comments on “Andrew Cuomo’s scam to keep control of racing

  1. You are simply the best and you are right that governor wants the VTL revenue for the general budget to spend it how he wants. He just does not care about the thoroughbred racing game at all just like his Father.

  2. This whole thing stinks. It is sad that people don’t realize what is going on and what the long term results will be as long as they can bet. Chris Kay as a board member is like having a fox in a hen house except the fox has no idea why he’s there. This is a disgrace and people should let their State legislators know how unhappy they are about the Gov. lying about all of this.

  3. “There is no shortage of committed and knowledgeable people in racing who could come up with a list of qualified (and diverse) individuals who would similarly constitute a national model for how racing can be run.”

    Mr. Noonan,
    I appreciate your having kept the impact of the State’s takeover of NYRA in the public eye, and having provided much-needed analysis of the issues involved — especially in the absence of transparency that was promised but never delivered.

    But as you are either unwilling or unable to come up with a list yourself, or even name one such individual who could, what hope is there that anyone would or could provide the Legislature with a starting point from which such a national model could be created?

    • My apologies for taking so long to respond, and thank you for commenting. One reason I did not name names is I fear that my endorsement might be viewed as a negative by the powers that be. Start, however, with those named to Governor Cuomo’s Task Force on Safety. While Dr. Palmer as a current state employee would not be appropriate, the remaining members are widely-respected and knowledgeable: Alan Foreman, Dr. Mary Scollay and former jockey Jerry Bailey. I could easily come up with another half-dozen. I think at one point I said Tom Durkin would be a good chair.

  4. Il Duce the 2nd wants to control everything his tentacles can latch onto.. He has disdain for racing, it’s contributors and the people who attain notoriety and success from it. It’s a ‘class thing’ that he was taught by his dad, who imparted the animus for the elite and the wealthy that has fostered the Bernie Sanders approach to society in general and racing in particular. If we let him take the VLT revenue away and Finger Lakes closes, it’s ‘lights out’ for racing in NY.
    Rise up folks and barrage your representatives and decry his storm trooper approach against a sport that is older than most others.

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