4 comments on “Why is the Main Stream Media giving Trump a pass on racist comment?

  1. Thanks. Did not see that comment at all anywhere and I read Huff Post each day three times.

  2. Hi Tom: Heard Rachel Maddow the other day discussing Paladino, harkening back to sound bytes and clips from his gubernatorial run. He and Rex Ryan should make great surrogates. Wonder how Rex’s advocacy will play with his players?

  3. Paladino beat Cuomo in most every District in the State. It’s unfortunate that downstate dictates what happens in NY , this is really getting to become a serious issue with most people Upstate are getting fed up with not having equal representation. While I am an Independent I look at what both Party’s have to offer and while this year there is no stand out candidate the 2 Democrats have to be excluded at all costs. Hillary will most likely be the first Presidential candidate to run while being under indictment. Also, the Huffington Post cannot seriously be considered a National news outlet.

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