One comment on “Returning New York racing to private control – a proposal

  1. Tom, We need you now! After almost three years all we get from these appointees is we get a recommendation for the composition of the future board of directors? Am I missing something? Here are the things I had hoped the Board would have address during their tenure:

    Marketability of the franchise Lease or sale of properties to interested entities determination of long term race dates Final determination of Aqueduct liquidation Meaningful capital improvement plan for facilities that includes or eliminates Aqueduct Plan for accommodation of large crowds on big race days (Belmont and Saratoga unacceptable) Takeout reduction alternatives ( at the lease a definitive study that quantifies impact to handle)

    I know there is more but I am running out of time.

    I have enjoyed your comments in the past. Very insightful and enlightening.

    Thank you, Tom.

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