3 comments on “A year-end look at New York’s racing oversight agencies

  1. Bless you, Tom, fgr sitting through all the nonsense that these entities produce. `The Churchill Downsification of NYRA is an ongoing disaster. Perhaps Kay will follow CDI’s lead and move toward getting out of racing altogether. One continues to hope that some NYRA Board member will speak up one day and demand details, numbers and plans, but it ain’t happened yet.

    • Very astute observations by you, Mr. Noonan and Mr. Zorn. It is a testament to your desire to always get at the truth. The amount of time you have spent attending and/or watching every single NYRA meeting is astounding. But what is even more astounding is that you failed to attend a single NYTHA membership meeting!! Had you attended any NYTHA meetings you would have known about the Workman’s Comp issue that may drive individuals out of business. You would also have learned where Violette and his head cheerleader (Zorn) are spending members money. If you had attended any of the NYTHA meetings you would have been able to secure a copy of the financial statements that are routinely distributed to members and the public. But as we all know, there was NO MEMBERS MEETINGS IN 2015!!!! There was NO FINANCIAL DISCLOSURES. There was NO PUBLIC DISCUSSION REGARDING WORKMAN’S COMP. Violette vehemently refuses to even reveal who he uses to underwrite the policy. One can only assume you will get around to writing about these issues when you are given permission to do so. When will Foreman allow that to happen?

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