2 comments on “GOP candidates wilt after Paris attacks

  1. Your statement “The sad group of GOP candidates has now demonstrated – if there had been any doubt – that there is not a leader among them willing to assert American values that may be unpopular to some. It is laughable that they talk about being though – in contrast to the weak Obama – but now are afraid to admit three-year old orphans who were born to Muslim parents and are now fleeing persecution or death.” There are a few candidates who would make good Presidents over a former Sec. of State who by many is a traitor and a Sen. who claims that the environment causes terrorism. I would not have a problem admitting three year old orphans into the country but to open the door to adults is inviting the bad element we don’t want here. I think you remember when we took Castro’s people and the steps he took to let his people come here, he emptied his insane asylums, prisons and the sick and look at the mess we are dealing from that fiasco.

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