3 comments on “NYRA Chairman steps down – what is next?

  1. This Board has no local voting representation on it. These 13 cannot even run a meeting correctly and CEO of the track needs to move on. TNYRA needs to be placed into private hands and it should be done this year. No more of Cuomo’s extensions.

  2. As usual, Tom, right on the money. With Bonomo gone, leadership (sic) of the NYRA Board reverts to Cuomo cronies who have little or no knowledge of racing.

    One telling point about the passivity of the current NYRA Board: there has been no effort, as far as one can tell, to reform the antiquated and cumbersome state Racing Law. Right after Chris Kay was hired, I met with him (and with Mike Del Giudice, the incoming NYRA Chair) and discussed the need for major revisions to the law. In fact, Kay proposed bringing me on to help draft revisions to the statute (I teach drafting in law school), but then reneged on the deal. The supposed aim, back then, was to have amendments ready to introduce in the 2015 legislative session, which will end in two weeks. As has often been the case, nothing happened.

    Revisions to the law are desperately needed, especially in two areas: (1) giving NYRAS freedom to adjust takeout levels sand take other steps to grow handle; and (2) empowering NYRA to take quick action, under “house rules,” against the cheaters. As it is, any significant movement on either front requires going through the Gaming Commission, which is like trying to run a sprint on a track topped with six inches of molasses.

    Pity, opportunity lost.

  3. Well, Tom, it can’t be said that you didn’t see this coming. The Governor has blatantly worked against the best interests of horseracing in the State.

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