One comment on “NYTHA election again – The Blood-Horse spits the bit

  1. In random order I have comments about some of your statements. First, and probably foremost, Bryan Cave was in no way independent from NYTHA. In 2006, they hired Alan foreman to represent NYTHA in the bankruptcy proceedings involving NYRA. Bryan Cave went to the courts and ask special permission for Foreman to be counsel for NYTHA. They
    needed to do this because foreman was not, and still is not, a member of the New York bar.
    It question if an expert witness get paid by the party that engaged them is really reaching. It is exceptionally rare that an expert witness does not get paid. Weather it be by the plaintiff or defendant.

    As for the “secret” list, Bryan cave did not know it even existed. From what I can ascertain from the testimony provided is that Gallagher alone had that list.

    Why does NYTHA and others make issues about the by-laws, yet they don’t follow them. The by-laws say a receipt is needed, just provide them and that no longer is an issue.

    Lastly, why didn’t NYTHA have a better handle on the number of members? There is a huge difference in the numbers you quoted. If it was, say 100 or less, that would be close to acceptable. But, the difference is thousands and thousands.

    Did you know that foreman has a long term relationship with Bryan Cave? If not, then you should do more research before writing. If you did, then how can you possibly say they are independent? Please do not use the argument that lawyers can be objective.

    As for Zorn, I don’t think your answer adequately address my question. That maybe because there is no way Zorn can be objective in judging Finley’s protest.

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