2 comments on “Why is NYRA not responding to the latest attack by the New York Times?

  1. Probably not responding because horses are dying at a higher rate in this winter meet then that of the year in which the Task Force was summoned to figure out why… This fact, which NYRA acknowledges, coupled with the ghostly pictures of the reality of attending the races is a tough combination for which to spin out some good propaganda… Just my two cents…

  2. Interesting theory, tom: NYRA execs want to close Aqueduct, so they’re silent in face of NYTimes attack. Not sure I believe it, since historically Aqueduct, with its widely distributed signal, has actually been a source of net profit for NYRA. That may no longer be true, according to Suzanne Stover’s recent budget predictions, but, still, hard to believe that NYRA has made an affirmative decision to hasten AQU closing. More likely, IMO, is that NYRA’s PR department, headed by “silence is golden” John Durso, either doesn’t read the Times or can’t be bothered to do the necessary work.,

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