5 comments on “After two years, NYRA Board still “blinking at reality”

  1. Tom, excuse me while I take a contrary position here. Operations are usually what it takes to run the operations. I believe many companies report this number and leave other costs off this book.

    Nevertheless, for however it is reported, it is important that Kay and Skorton have chosen to strive for profitability at some level. There appears to be little interest in it in horseracing as long as subsidies are abound. Maybe, this is the real blinking at reality.

    The conversation between Violette and Flay probably held more significance than the rest of the meeting. Also, I saw an exchange between Steve Zorn and Joe Drape on Twitter that was similar. In the end, it indicates to me that the horsepeople do not want to enter into a discussion that takes into accounts the main issue of horseracing. That is how does the game become profitable. Also, how does the game satisfy the needs of the horseplayers.

    Skorton has left and Kay will too, but horseracing’s problems will remain unless the stakeholders focus on these issues.

  2. Let’s not forget how Kay has gutted the number of employees to the point that you cannot even find a Security guard when one is needed because of the low numbers a fact that didn’t escape the view of the public during the Belmont Day races. The fact that the Board is thinking of naming Kay to their group is a little scary also.

  3. Tom as always a very good and informative report on NY Racing. Thanks for keeping us informed.—Joe

  4. Tom – what’s your take on this: Skorton is (soon to be ‘was’) President of Cornell University and Chairman of the NYRA Board who then appointed Kotlikoff – Dean of Vet School at Cornell (also advising the Board) to oversee NYGC Racehorse Necropsy Program (conduct necropsies on all racehorses who die on NY tracks and issue reports as part of Task Force In initiatives) being conducted by the vet school (Department of Pathology) and by all accounts a monumental mess of unspeakable proportions…….is the conflict of interest here not apparent to anyone else? Scott Palmer (NYRAs Equine Medical Director & Adjunct Professor at Cornell) is also suspiciously aligned with Big Red. Maybe the NY times would be best heading to Ithaca to ask for some answers from the ‘honourable’ and ‘august’ institution – Cornell. NYRA has many bedfellows, mostly white men of position and power……..based in Ithaca NY.

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