5 comments on “Isn’t it time to address Saratoga’s equine fatalities?

  1. I also find it odd that the racetrack announcer (Tom Durkin or Imbralie) never announce the status of the injured/ceceased horse after the race. Its as if it didn’t happen, not a word. No status report, no moment of silence, nothing zilch, and usually the replay does not get played

  2. Tom, I’d be interested to know if the necropsies on all catastrophically injured horses. in NY, along with the post-mortem reviews are available to the public through a FOIL request.

  3. I believe a majority of the fatalities are from Cardiac Events rather than breakdowns on the track. The steeplechase race is a different sort of race and should be notated as such.

  4. As long as they keep running adolescent horses, keep severely whipping them and giving them lasix – they will have fatalities. What is going on here is in violation of the NYS AG&Mkts Anti-cruelty statutes article 26, sec. 353 1nd 361. However, NYRA is not a police agency and will not enforce these laws. Police presence is needed on racetracks.

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