4 comments on “Racing hit with another body blow

  1. It is extremely easy to reduce breakdown. Track manipulation and uneven use of turns is significant. i wrote the paper on past performance warning signs. Barbaro had 8 of the 15 signs. Edgar prado looked at the right rear 8 times during preakness warmup, same leg that broke. bs from stronach and owners Enough

  2. Tje subject is drugs to mask leg issues. All studies show double breakdoens on rock foundation main track than dirt foundation turf track. It would be easy to use my list and xrays, then run at-risk and oveworked runners on grass. Run workouts clockwise.

  3. Instead of breeding a better horse, this industry resorted to drugs. Race day medication like lasix is about as stupid as it gets. Instead of doing your best to breed this out of the horse we mask them and breed more frail bleeders.

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