One comment on ““New” NYRA continues to flout law

  1. Try looking into Cuomo’s aorruption committe, the one Cuomo seemed so proud that he initiated, which was going to help New York State get rid of a lot of political corruption. The Corruption Committee was focusing, and making some progress. But, that Corruption Committee had to reverse course, when the media became aware of, and focused on a story concering large real estate developers, that were building luxury buildings in Manhattan, who were given huge tax breaks, and who also had made large contributions to Andrew Cuomo’s Re-election Campaign.
    After that, the Corruption Committee hasn’t really been heard from. Hmmm, any guesses why?

    Cuomo has always had a very selective sense of perspective, and sense of perception. Just look back at what actions he took against his political cronies, that were caught red-handed in the Aqueduct Entertainment Group’s bid-rigging casino scam. He basically did, and said nothing, as the Attorney General, and as the governor.

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