One comment on “Chris Christie’s remarkable news conference

  1. Really? You found that kabuki theater convincing? I don’t understand how any astute observer could considering the typical crummy job done by those reporters in attendence. I must have missed it, but where was the question and answer about how a deputy chief of staff comes to be cloaked in such power that she can fire off a terse, vague email like: “Time for traffic problems in Fort Lee,” and be so easily understood and obeyed? ” That would then lead to the following questions: “At the very least, what does that say about the culture your administration has created? Such shorthand requires a certain understandings does it not? How has this come to be that these kinds of dirty tricks acceptable? Where is Kevin O’Dowd in this? The wording of Kelly’s email seems to indicate some sort of decision, one that she seems to be passing along? Do you think that’s a reasonable reading, Governor? If she is passing it along, where but from you or Kevin O’Dowd could the decision have originated?” I used to like Christy, and as far as scandals go this is on the petty side. But it’s petty in a Nixonian way. And in spite of his answering questions for 90 minutes, we didn’t get the truth. He’ll survive as Governor – after all he’s still a huge ethical step up from Jon Corzine – but he’s done on the national stage.

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