5 comments on “Random thoughts from the Spa’s last 10 days

  1. Tom, your comments were a bit disconcerting but spot on nonetheless. The one thing I can disagree with you on is Guillot’s public allegation – if you were 100% convinced like he obviously is then you would be so incensed that you couldn’t help yourself but scream from the rooftops “I was robbed!”. So I understand Guillot’s reaction, but he better be right after making such a public allegation. I’m not saying his reaction was smart, just understandable.
    Thanks for the WMHT video info – I was unaware that I could buy it. It was really enjoyable.

  2. As I said[plainly I thought] attendance figs were eschew on giveaway days because of changed policy of patrons allowed 6 coupons per entry…hence less reason for “spinners” to spin

  3. The exercise rider, Raymond Bulgado, wearing a neck brace, was actually in the winner’s circle for Nick Zito’s victory at Saratoga on Saturday, Aug. 31.

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