2 comments on “NYRA Board selects new CEO in 8 minutes

  1. Tom another great article very detailed as usual. Can not see the State Run NYRA going forward with the GOVERNOR looking to grab as much of the Racino money he can to try and balance the budget and fund more social programs and give away.
    Why are you and Thresa the only ones keeping the the New York racing fans informed.
    Where is Drape who like to blast NYRA not weighing in, The Blood Horse, the daily racing form, Paulickreport, Saratogian. It’s seems to me that they should have a vested interest in the sport since this is what their publications are about.
    I am shocked that the deep pocked owners have not voiced any outrage of the blatant take over of a private company by the Governor.
    Look out Genting you maybe next for a phony take over by the State and the Governor.
    Ny racing is vital to the whole racing industry world wide. Joe

  2. The Governor’s purpose of this NYRA takeover was to make certain that the NYRA would not be an obstacle to any of his gaming plans. It is unlikely that his own appointees will pushback. Hopefully, they will be able to get something back for horseracing in return for their cooperation.

    Many NY rqcing fans are still saying that the NYRA was corrupt. The NYRA has been under a government siege since the Aqueduct racino franchise was up for grabs over a decade ago. It’s been nothing more than dirty politicking. It’s time for it stop.

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