2 comments on “NYRA takeover a year later

  1. Tom GREAT GREAT ARTICLE,maybe the Albany insiders will read it.
    The Governor squeezed the Old Board and folded, the new board as of right now no better than the old board as u so eloquently pointed out in this article.
    I am at Belmont now (sat) no problem going through security, plenty of help in the blue field parking, busses,
    handing out clear plastic bags and basicly good customer service.
    Too bad the Governor will not be attending to see what a great experience the Belmont stakes is.
    Joe Monaco

  2. Great Article – by the way, it is my understanding that Skorton called in “sick” on Belmont Stakes Day. Bad enough the Governor did not attend, but now the NYRA Board of Directors Chair did not show. Seriously?

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