2 comments on “When will Governor Cuomo congratulate Derby winners from New York?

  1. Tom another great article, very factual and to the point.
    I am now convinced that the NYRA take over was simply a power play by the Governor that the racing media bought hook line and sinker.
    Nothing will get done because of the state involvement and after 3 years of no direction by the state NYRA will run it again.
    We surely do not want the great ‘Churcill’ with the $8,000 Derby seats to take over the NYRA FRANCHISE.
    Tom at least you are one voice that shoots straight, loves the game and is in NYRA’S corner. Joe

  2. Great article Tom. The Governor has the same disdain for horse racing that his father did. Gov. Cuomo couldn’t even make his way up here to present the Travers trophy last year, and what a presentation that would have been.

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