7 comments on “Still waiting for the new NYRA

  1. I wonder, Tom, whether the fact that the meetings are open is what to leads to their “desultory” nature, and whether that is, in the long-term, contribute to stagnation. Sometimes decision-making is messy, and no one wants to look messy in public, and at most meetings, not every single comment is on the record: people can explore viewpoints, offer opinions, have their minds be changed without being accountable for every single expression. I know that I’d hate for every meeting in which I participate at school to be open to the entire community, and I’m fairly certain that it would lead to not a lot getting done.

    • I tend to agree, Teresa. I’ve been on a number of committees where hard decisions wouldn’t have been made if everything were public.

  2. Tom once again you make a lot of interesting points—-should Ellen Mc Clain have been retained? Why is it taking so long to hire a president. There has been a lot in the pipe line that is getting done new dorms at both Saratoga and Belmont that was accomplished by the former NYA Board.
    The board has to start moving faster to give a vision on what New York Racing is suppose be.
    I do not know if moving forward is hampered by the lack of racing knowledge of the Chairman or the overlooking of the state. I agree they to have move at a faster pace.
    In defense of the Board, the Chairman seems to be a good administrator and a lot of discussion is going on when the committees meet and not expressed during the open Board meetings.
    Why does the tote board contract have to have a review with the company that lost the bid NYRA, & the State?
    Finally does the Governor really care about NY Racing or does he want a bigger share of the slot money. Joe

  3. I wholeheartedly share your sentiments, Tom – and I am concerned about how many committees and subcommittees have to be formed before anything gets done. After the last meeting I discussed the apparent lack of concrete action and decision-making with an acquaintance and wondered if the board members merely fulfill the requirement of a public meeting but that anything significant is being discussed behind closed doors. This may be for the reasons Theresa mentions – which could be the case if the only time the board comes together for discussion and exchange would be in those public meetings. Whatever the reason: I cannot help but feel a tendency towards creating too many structures and substructures to talk about the shape and the leaves of the tree without anyone having a vision for a great big forest – and the passion to infect and inspire everyone in the room.

  4. They may already be in trouble if ‘ca$h’ incentives are needed to do a decent job of it.

    They need to find someone who cares about the game more than they do about money.

  5. Why would anyone in their right mind want this job at any price? I would imagine a candidate’s whole career flashing before his/her eyes during the interview process. The best outcome is you get fired at the end of two years and the worst is you get indicted for some trumped up charge. i am sore here, but I am just not very otimisitic.

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