One comment on “SOS: VLT revenues to end? revised

  1. Tom I have to take a shot at you even though I am a big fan of you and you had no problem bashing Mitt Romney during the election cycle and you lean to the Democratic side.
    So I ask you how does the Governor of NY ANDREW COUMO tax the POOR OF NY to pay for education with 90% of the winnings from the 3 or 6 proposed CASINOS that he is going to authorize in up state NY when everyone knows that the SLOTS and LOTTERY are a tax on the poor so eloquently stated by the disgraced financial ICON ROBERT BRENNAN of First Investors and Due Process Stables. I always though that the DEMOCRATS were all about taxing the RICH.
    I do agree that Governor is not going to be good for racing in NY as your article indicates.
    I hope we will be able to meet for a beer in August at beautiful SARATOGA, I ‘ll buy. Joe Monaco

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