4 comments on “Will Cuomo sign OTB bill?

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    But Allie Sherman did bring us Bob Lurtsema (pronounced in NY as:”Loytsimma!”) and Joe Don Looney!

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  2. Tom once again you are right on. You are the only writter that is keeping up and doing you home work on what the Governor is attpling to do. They are certainly dragging their feet.
    It will be interesting to see what comes out of the first New NYRA BOARD that is going to be open to the public.
    Another question is what happens to Ellen McClain does she get fired as suggested in the NYPOST back in August….NYRA 3 rd Quarter was up both with the racing part and up again when u add the casino revenue….Keep on blogging—–Joe

  3. I don’t remember if Groth was president at the time but I do remember the first response from the president of Catskill OTB after the 2002 Breeders Cup and after the structure of the ticket was known. It went something like, “What a great story for racing this is.”

  4. There is little likelihood that the Governor will sign this bill, as it makes no sense. What would be the difference between NYRA having to go before local community boards within the 5 boroughs and Don Groth and Catskill OTB doing so, especially when considering that the state is in control of NYRA and should demand that it maximize the monies that would inure to racing’s benefit (the NYRA bottom line, the horsemen in purses, the breeders in enrichments, not to mention NYS in pari-mutuel taxes) by authorizining teletheaters (within sports bar sites) in the largest betting market in the world?

    There will continue to be a significant shift away from brick and mortar OTB operations (they are all struggling) and the goal should be targeting a younger demographic using hand held devices and tablets.

    This is why the Franchise Oversight Board is so shortsided in its criticism of NYRA for poor attendance figures at Belmont Park. The focus at NYRA should be growing its market share, which is signifcant and bucking handle trends experienced by other tracks in the country.

    Having said the above, there has to be a concerted to make the racetrack experience a memorable occasion for all and that has to be a primary focus down the road. That could certainly be improved.

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